Dry cleaning is the method of washing clothes and other fabrics using a non-water-based solvent. It is also ideal for cleaning beddings, upholstery, and fabrics easily damaged by water like wool, leather, and silk.

As an alternative to washing machines, the process of dry cleaning uses gasoline, kerosene, benzene, turpentine, and petroleum. But since the early chemicals involved were flammable and dangerous, the State Coalition for Remediation of Dry Cleaners proposed synthetic and non-flammable solvents in the 1930s.

Today, dry cleaning is the number one method for cleaning delicate materials. But why should people switch to dry cleaning from traditional washing methods? Read on below to find out.

1. Longer-Lasting Use of Fabrics

For people wanting to preserve their clothes, dry cleaning might be the best way to keep them clean and fresh for a long time. The constant use of detergents and other cleaning agents may affect the clothes’ strength and durability. In effect, it may not last long and may exhibit signs of wear and tear in a couple of years’ worth of use.

Therefore, if you own pieces of clothing that are sentimental, expensive, or one-of-a-kind, then dry cleaning is the best laundry option to keep your clothes in their top condition and use them for a more extended period.

2. Treats Tough Stains

Regular washing methods are effective in removing stains on clothes. However, dry cleaning offers a deeper clean—removing greases, oils, fats, and petroleum that stains clothes over time. The process doesn’t use harsh chemicals that may alter the quality of the fabric, saving them from early signs of wear.

Dry cleaning also effectively removes tannin stains, including tea, coffee, grass, and vegetable stains. However, keep in mind that it might become more challenging to eliminate regardless of the stain’s temperature as time passes by. It’s best to immediately bring the damaged items to a dry cleaning store for better chances of getting the spots out.

3. Dry Cleaners’ Professional Knowledge

Most people think they only pay for expensive cleaning products and top-notch machines when opting for dry cleaning services. However, they are also spending money on the expertise of the dry cleaners working on the garments they submit for cleaning.

As the fashion industry constantly evolves, more materials and fabrics are discovered every day. Therefore, dry cleaners need to learn about the new fabrics and find the best ways to treat them without ruining the quality. Next time you pay for a dry cleaning service, think of the years of learning every dry cleaner went through to perfect what they do.

4. Protection Against Insects

There are some insects notorious for eating fabrics. Instead of feeding on other plants and animals, they chew on textiles such as cotton, rayon, or linen. 

The food particles leftover on the clothes makes them attractive to insects, causing them to munch on the fabrics themselves. Through dry cleaning, people can ensure that no food scraps will be left behind and cause fabric-eating insects to drop by and have a feast.

5. Saves People’s Time

Having someone else clean your clothes for you saves you plenty of time. Opting for a dry cleaning service rather than a regular cleaning can make your clothes beautiful for a long period without worrying about their quality changing.


The future of dry cleaning is bright as there are 36,000 stores in the US alone. As more families invest in building a dry cleaning store from scratch, more and more people should be getting their clothes dry cleaned than the number we experience today.

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