Some people may think that washing clothes in hot water is ideal. However, it is not in all cases that hot water is to be used. In fact, washing your clothes in cold water is preferred and has several benefits.

Only a few scenarios require hot water for washing, and cold water is recommended most of the time. At Mule Team Laundromat, we will wash your clothes in cold water. 

In this article, we’ll discuss why cold water is better, and which scenarios are best handled with hot water.

1. It Keeps Your Clothes Safe

Some types of clothing are not safe to wash in hot water. Certain materials may shrink in hot water, which will leave you with clothes that can no longer fit.

Some colored clothes may also not be suitable for hot water as their dye may wash off. Having the dye wash off some of your clothes will not only lighten your clothes but possibly have the washed-off color seep into your other clothes.

2. It Helps Save on Energy

Using hot water will require more energy and electricity used by the washing machine. By simply using cold water, electricity bills can be lowered.

3. It Is Better for the Environment

Hot water tends to make microfiber come out of clothes faster and put it into the environment. Studies have shown that microfibers are one of the most common plastics found in aquatic animals. When we use cold water, we are helping marine life by minimizing the amount of microfiber that is put into the environment.

Using Hot Water Versus Cold Water

However, there are still cases where hot water instead of cold water must be used. The following are specific scenarios wherein hot water is ideal.

In the given scenarios above, hot water may be used. But this is only applicable for materials that are safe to wash in hot water. Meanwhile, the following are examples of some scenarios where cold water is best used:

Using the correct temperature setting for the garments is imperative. We see to it that the colors will not easily come off when washing with hot water or that the stain on your clothes is something that will come off with cold water. Using the wrong temperature for laundry will not only be a waste of resources and time but also can damage your clothes.

The Bottom Line

Apart from very specific scenarios, like washing white clothes or heavily soiled garments, cold water must be used when putting clothes in the wash. Not only will it help save on electricity bills, but also help the environment. Laundromats know this, and you can be assured that our team uses cold water on your garments.

If you are looking for a laundromat in Texas, Mule Team Laundromat will be glad to offer our services. We cover the areas of Muleshoe and the surrounding cities of Sudan, Friona, Springlake, Amherst, Farwell, and more! Contact us today and keep your clothes safe and clean.

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